Micro Machines is back!

After the success of Micro Machines last summer, we have decided to launch our super grom competition again!  CSS Micro Machines is a one off competition that runs throughout the summer holidays for snowboarders and skiers aged 12 and under.


Last summer we were buzzing about the footage we got back for Micro Machines. It was fantastic to see the amount of younger kids being a part of the UK indoor and artificial scene. We have seen those numbers continue to grow and many who took part in last years Micro Machines have now become key members of the main CSS league – even though they might only be as young as 7 years old!  Micro Machines is a way for anyone aged 12 and under to get involved and end up with their footage in a CSS edit. They just need to send us a kicker trick and a rail trick.  It’s a stripped back version of CSS but should hopefully get everyone perfecting their tricks over the summer holidays!

Coach/Managers or parents are invited to enter any skiers or snowboarders born in 2005 or later  by submitting video footage of their best kicker trick and rail trick. All footage will then be judged, edited and released in September and there will be prizes and awards for the best girl and best boy from snowboard and from ski.

The Micro Machines filming window opens today and runs until Monday 4th September.

Micro Machines must be born in 2005 or later.

You can still enter Micro Machines even if you are taking part in the main CSS league.

You will need a password in order to enter. To obtain this and get full details on the rules then please email josie@cssleague.co.uk.


CSS is endorsed by GB Park & Pipe and supported by The Snowboard Asylum, Ellis Brigham, Delancey as well The National Lottery, UK Sport and national governing bodies Snowsport England, Snowsport Scotland and Snowsport Wales.

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