1. Teams
Snowboarders and skiers can only sign for one team and they are expected to be regular users of that slope.


2. Filming
Footage needs to be in 1080/50p, landscape format. Tricks should be filmed in their entirety including a good amount of landing, without excessive cropping or camera shake. Gopro or iPhone footage is acceptable


2. Young Guns.
A Young Gun must be born in 2004 or later for CSS 2018. A young gun will be decided entirely on their year of birth NOT their age.


3. Armbands
The armbands must be worn in the correct place with the correct colour showing as instructed at the beginning of each filming window. Any footage without the armband worn in the correct way will be discounted.


4. Footage delivery
Footage must be uploaded to the relevant Dropbox folder by midnight on the last day of the filming window.


5. Away Card
Every team will have 1 x Away Card for CSS 2018. This means that for one round the whole team can travel to another slope and film the clips there. However all tricks for that round have to be filmed at the same “away” slope. 


6. Extensions & Late footage
There will be no extensions.
Any team who delivers their footage late will be penalised in the following way;
0-24 hours late: 10% deduction in points.
24-48 hours late: 20% deduction in points.
Any more than 48 hours late and the team will forfeit the round.


7. In the event of a tie
For clarity, here is information on how the winners of the league will be decided.
The teams with the most match points on the “League Standings” table on the CSS website will take 1st and 2nd place respectively.
If we end up with a tie situation on overall match points firstly we will look at the result from when the tied teams met during the league. If that match was also a draw and cannot be used as the decider, then we will use the accumulation of all scores from all judges throughout the whole season to break the tie. You can see the “Accumulated Scores” table on the leaderboard page on each CSS website.

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