How it works

  • There are 6 ski and 6 snowboard teams in CSS, each competing in 5 rounds. For 2018 the league starts in September and ends in December.


  • In each round, the teams have a 3-4 week match window to film. The team coach/manager will field a team of 4 skiers or snowboarders which must include one female and one young gun (who is born in 2004 or later) as well as two others.


  • In every round, each snowboarder or skier will have to complete a kicker trick, rail trick and an EX trick. The EX trick will be judged solely upon execution with consideration of creativity not technical difficulty.


  • Crews should have more than 4 team members, however only the best footage of four skiers / snowboarders footage within the above age and gender parameters is submitted.


  • Individual unedited clips of the tricks must be uploaded to the designated Dropbox folder by the end of each filming window.


  • The clips from each team member are then viewed and scored by the 4 ski judges or 4 snowboard judges considering difficulty, execution, amplitude, and landing. (For more information on judging please look here)


  • The footage is then edited by the CSS team. Video edits and match results will then be live on the CSS website and shared on social media.


  • After all 5 rounds have taken place the winning team will be crowned the winners of CSS and awarded prize money that is kindly donated by our sponsors: The Snowboard Asylum, Ellis Brigham and Delancey.

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