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There is no restriction on people submitting the same trick in multiple rounds. We don’t want to stop people from practicing their best tricks more often and executing them more perfectly. However coach/managers may feel it beneficial to promote variety within their own scene.



Footage needs to be in 1080/50p, landscape format! Tricks should be filmed in their entirety including a good amount of landing, without excessive cropping or camera shake. Gopro or iPhone footage is acceptable and we suggest normal efforts are made to steady the shot. Footage that does not adequately show the trick in its entirety or is not of acceptable quality cannot be judged and that score may be forfeited.



Any rider or skier can only sign to one team for the season. Coach/Managers will be responsible for submitting and keeping their full team rosta up to date as well as selecting the team fielded for each match. New riders can be added to any team at any time but to change teams a rider must be released and resigned once the season is finished and before the new one starts.


Getting involved:

All spots are now taken for 2018. However we do review our team roster each year so please get in touch if you think you could be one of our teams.

We also have a one-off competition called Micro Machines that will run between September – November 2018 aimed at those aged 12 and under. Please email info@cssleague.co.uk for more info on Micro Machines.

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