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Welcome to Championship Ski & Snowboard

Championship Ski & Snowboarding (CSS) is the first competition series of its kind to be held and is brought to you by the GB Park & Pipe team.

CSS brings the British freestyle snowsports community together by providing a competition platform in the format of an online video league consisting of teams from all over the UK competing against each other for cash prizes and the respect of the freestyle snowsports community.

Crews representing their local slope compete against other teams from all over the UK by submitting videos of their best tricks filmed at their local indoor or dryslope scene. Footage will then be judged, scored and edited into “matches” which will then be live on the CSS website and shared across social media.

Championship Ski & Snowboard is the brainchild of Hamish McKnight, head snowboard coach of the GB Park and Pipe Team – an idea he first had in 2010. Hamish has been trying to find a competition structure that supports what lies at the heart of the core scene – doing tricks, having fun and being able to show them off to everyone.

CSS provides the opportunity for freestyle snow sport communities to come together and enjoy competing naturally against each other without the cost of having to travel to competitions. We are not asking anything more from you than to enjoy skiing and snowboarding, ideally to a high level!  This is a chance for your local scene to showcase your talent nationally.


Championship Ski & Snowboard is extremely lucky to be supported by The Snowboard Asylum, Ellis Brigham and Delancey which means that the 1st and 2nd place teams at the end of the league are awarded very generous prize money. Half of all prize money has to be reinvested back into the winning team’s scene which means that all those who ski or snowboard that that slope can benefit from everyone’s efforts.

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