2016 CSS Winners Update: New rails for three UK scenes

Last October at the London Ski Show, we gave out some very generous cheques to the teams who won 1st and 2nd place on both Championship Skiing and Championship Snowboarding 2016.  All prize money was donated by our sponsors The Snowboard Asylum, Ellis Brigham and Delancey.

As half of all prize money had to be spent on improving their own slope so that everyone from those slopes could benefit from their teams efforts, we thought it would be a good to catch up with the winners and see how they decided to spend their prize money.


Bearsden won 1st place on both the ski and the snowboard league. This meant they won a very healthy £4000 in prize money so first up we had a chat with Neil MacGrain from Bearsden to see how they had spent their winnings.

“We wanted to make sure we spent the money on items that are going to benefit a range of riders and we’re pretty happy with our kicker so decided to invest in more rails. We already have a good range of easy and intermediate rails and wanted something a bit bigger and technical, but not too tech, so we went with a Donkey Kick. Felt there is more benefit to skills development for riders to work on more technical tricks one and off rails rather than having a super tech rail that only a few have the minerals to hit.

We also wanted to try to encourage more of the younger skiers & snowboarders who are still in lessons to try freestyle at an earlier stage, so we also bought a low, wide & lightweight box. It is easy to set up by one coach or instructor and can be incorporated in to lessons at a much earlier level than before. The decision was made by the coaches, older riders and management after having a pretty informal chat about it.”


The team from SnowFactor, Braehead took 2nd place in Championship Snowboarding, meaning they took home a cheque for £1000.

Rio Peterson told us

“We decided to put the money from the CSS winnings towards buying a new feature for freestyle nights on the slope. We all chatted about what type of feature we wanted and also asked some members of staff who regularly ride freestyle and decided it would be best to get a new feature that everybody could enjoy. The new black 7.5m tanker we went for is great as it appeals to all abilities and is suitable for both snowboarders and skiers. Having this new feature has really made a difference on the slope as it provides a great transition for people learning to ride rails. It has definitely become a favourite amongst everyone and is out almost every week because it’s so popular and such a progressive feature.”

Everyone at CSS would like to say a massive THANK YOU to our sponsors Ellis Brigham, The Snowboard Asylum and Delancey who donated this prize money.  It is safe to say that their support and investment in British freestyle skiing and snowboarding will have a positive impact on the many kids and adults who get to use these new features at Bearsden, Snowfactor Braehead and The Snow Centre, Hemel.  We very much appreciate your support! 

Championship Ski & Snowboard is also supported by SnowSport Scotland, Snowsport England, The National Lottery and UK Sport.

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